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Art Australia Galleries believe it is important to preserve and promote the Culture and Art of Indigenous Peoples.

Broadening awareness and the availability of Artworks that depict and encourage enjoyment, understanding. and respect for a Culture, and its Art, is one of the most effective ways to not only guarantee its survival, but its growth.

We are privileged to present for sale, high quality Art and Artifacts of Indigenous Australian Artists.

We supply authentic original Art and Craft Works from around Australia including, Paintings on canvas/linen, Paintings on bark, Watercolor paintings, Pottery, Fibre crafts, Didgeridoos, Boomeranges, Traditional weapons, Sculptures, and Textiles.

A leading Aboriginal artist, John ?Long Johnny?Dewar from the Manyallaluk Community in the Northern Territory

He practices traditional painting methods using natural ochres and reed brushes.

As a young man Long Johnny was a stockman on Cattle Stations in the Katherine area including the famous Daly Water Station, Mainarou, Florina. In the early 1980?s he returned to settle at Manyallaluk (frog dreaming) ?formerly Eva Valley Station ?where he had spent much of his childhood. There his brother the well-known artist Peter Bolgi taught him how to create the art of his people using traditional materials, teaching him how to harvest and prepare local Stringy Bark for painting, where to find the coloured ochres used to make natural pigments and how to prepare and use reed brushes. Long Johnny still uses these traditional materials and techniques to depict images of his own dreaming, the black-headed Python, and the stories he was told as a child by his elders.  Tales of the Frilled Neck lizard, the Buk Buk owl, the Emu lady and the Rainbow Serpent and images of Mimis carrying out traditional tasks of hunting.

Discover the techniques used by a traditional Aboriginal artist from one of the remoter parts of Australia. Like many Aboriginal artists Long Johnny now also paints with acrylics on canvas.

During the dry season from late April to November, Manyallaluk operates a successful and award-winning Aboriginal culture tour business.  As one of the founders of the business, Long Johnny has worked as a Manyallaluk Tour Guide for over ten years.  One of the tours includes a visit to ancient, remote rock art sites that have been seen by very few non-Indigenous people.

For further details about either exhibition, about the Information Days or for workshop bookings please contact Monty Mills on 07 4159 8955.


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