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Paintings: Urban Communities

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Colin Wightman
Title: Brolga Dance
Subject: Colins Painting depicts the Brolga Dance
Size: 1200x900 framed
Price: $1195
Catalogue Number: AAPC1497

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Lisa McCall
Title: Spirit Country
Subject: This painting depicts the way Lisa sees her ancesteral Country
Size: 900x600
Price: $495
Catalogue Number: AAPC0869

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Garry Luke
Title: Frogs
Subject: Aboriginals believe that singing frogs are the bringers of rain.
Size: 910x635
Price: $1475
Catalogue Number: AAPC0813

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Steven Luke
Title: Cosmic Spirits
Subject: The Spirits up above look down on the land and the people.
Size: 1520x730 triptych
Price: $2500
Catalogue Number: AAPC0808

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Bryce Moran
Title: Barramundi Dreaming
Subject: Aboriginal Totems
Size: 940x630
Price: $395
Catalogue Number: AAPC0768

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Elenore Binge
Title: Goomeroi People
Subject: The Goomeroi People originate at a place called Old Toomelah,
Size: 760x570 framed
Price: $685
Catalogue Number: AAPP0310


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