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Communities and Regions: Tiwi Islands

The Tiwi Islands are two Islands 80 kilometers off the coast, north of Darwin in the Northern Territory.
Melville Island is quite large, with its lush rainforests covers an area of 3200 square kilometers. Bathurst Island is the smaller of the two. The Aboriginal population of the two Islands is about 1,800 people.
The treacherous from mainland to Islands resulted in the Tiwi People developing their culture and art in relative isolation.
When compared with the styles of nearby Arnhem Land although in ways similar, the designs are more geometric.
The main art centers on Melville is Jilamara Arts and Crafts at Milikapiti (Snake Bay), and Munupi Arts and Craft at Pularumpi. And on Bathurst Island Tiwi Design is the Art center.
Much of the Art produced on the Islands are carved wood, paintings on bark, paper, and linen, silk textiles, fibre crafts, and Pukumani or mortuary poles.
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