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The Dreamtime

The words Dreaming or Dreamtime do not refer to dreaming in any traditional European sense. The Dreamtime in Aboriginal Culture is the creation time. It's the way Aboriginal people explain life and how their world came into being and is central to their existence, lifestyle and culture. The Dreaming refers to all that is known and all that is understood, it describes the relationship between the spiritual, natural, and moral elements of the world. Dreamtime stories tell of when the Dreamtime spirits broke free from the earth and the sky and transfromed a flat and featureless land. They created day, sky, stars, fire, air, water, trees, rocks rivers, waterholes, mountains, as well as the animals and plants and the features of the land, and their spirits inhabit these features in the natural world today. The Dreamtime also gives practical and necessary information about land, flora, fauna, medicinal use of plants, edible plants, dangerous regions, location of waterways, animal habits, how and where to hunt, tribal relationships, and law. Aboriginal people see themselves as part of the country and know its features in intricate detail. This relationship carries responsibilities for its survival. Therefore each person has special obligations to protect and preserve the spirit of the land and life forms that are part of it.
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