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The main Language spoken by most Aboriginal People as a first or second language is English.
This means most Aboriginal languages are is peril because of the declining numbers of people speaking their native tongue.
A project conducted over a period of six years by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. Using all published resources available at the time, produced a map representing areas where all the language, tribal or national groups of the Indigenous People of Australia were located.
The map sets out the location and identity of almost four hundred languages. Out of these there are only about one hundred in every day use. Of these there are only about twenty that are strong, mainly in the Arnhem Land Communities.
Languages of some people occupy relatively small areas such as the Gunibidji, Gungurugoni, Nakara and Burarra People from the area around the community of Maningrida in Arnhem Land. To those in huge expansive areas of the central and western desert areas of the Warlpiri, Pintupi, Arrernte, and Mardu People.
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