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Communities and Regions: Central and Western Desert

Remote and sparsely populated communities populate these vast, very arid desert areas.
Stretching from Lajamanu north west of Tennant Creek in the north to Ernabella just over the South Australian border to the south.
This is where the modern day art movement started in the community of Papunya about 230 km north east of Alice Springs,
The major art areas of the Central & Western Desert region are: Lajamanu, Yuenduma, Utopia, Papunya, Haast Bluff, Hermannsberg, Santa Teresa, & Ernabella. Many different styles and mediums in art are practiced in this region.
The best-known communities are: Utopia for its batik work & paintings. Hermannsberg for fine Pottery. Papunya for painting.
The Artists in the region paint stories of the ancestral myths relating to their dreamings that are passed down to them from their elders.
Some of the important dreaming stories are:
"Honey Ant"
"Yam" Dreaming.
"Mountain Devil"
"Bush Medicine"
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