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Artist Profile: Dinny Nolan

Name:                      Dinny Nolan

Skin Group:             Tjampitjinpa

Language:               Warlpiri

Born:                       Dinny’s birth date is put back as far as 1922 as he says he survived the Coniston massacre of 1928.           

Area:                        Papanya Community

Mediums:                 Acrylic on Linen

Subjects:                 Water, Emu, Goanna, Pelican, Bush Turkey, Bushfire and Willy Willy.

Artists Biography:        Dinny’s place of birth is West of Mt Allan, close to present-day Yuendumu. Dinny’s birth date is put back as far as 1922 as he says he survived the Coniston massacre of 1928. Dinny spent many years working as a stockman across the Territory before arriving in Papunya in the mid 70's. Dinny is an elder of the Anmatjera and Warlpiri people, he is recognised as an important waterman. And leads men’s Rainmaking and Water Dreaming ceremonies and paints the bodies of those taking part in the corroborees. In 1977 as part of the Papunya Artists he travelled to exhibitions of his work in various Galleries in Melbourne. One of his designs has been constructed and is used in stained glass in one of the windows at the National Gallery of Victoria. In 1981 on travelling to Sydney with Paddy Carroll he constructed the first sand painting ever seen outside of Central Australia. In 1991 Paddy Carroll and Dinny travelled extensively throughout the U.S.A. He attended various American indigenous conferences and exhibitions. Paddy is a cousin to Clifford Possum, Billy Stockman and Kaapa. Dinny is married to Alice Napangardi, they have two daughters a son and several grandchildren.

Collections Held:          The National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, Victorian Arts Centre, Victorian Museum, Art Gallery of WA, University of WA Anthropology Museum, Artbank, and the The Holmes ŕ Court collection.


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